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Colorful Album Colors

Colorful Album Colors

Below are some groovy album covers for you to enjoy. Many of them are from thrift stores, and some, unfortunately, show the grey grime that covers accumulate. Since they are for my own collection (and not to be sold) I can tolerate that...although I'd prefer a clean cover. When looking for cool covers, I tend toward those that have interesting font treatments, geometric graphics, bright colors, cool patterns, painterly artwork, unique illustrations or those, like the Milton Glaser cover, that are created by well-known designers or illustrators. 

1960s | Illustration signed by "blansky"

1960s | Uncredited cover

1964 | Cover art: Arthur Shilstone

Front and...

back | Date unknown | Illustrations signed "pepper"

1963 | Cover illustration: Milton Glaser

1970 | Cover painting: Frederic Marvin

1972 | Unsigned and uncredited illustration

1967 | Cover photo: Hal Buksbaum (no credit for design/illustration)

1964 | No credit for cover

1961 | Uncredited cover

Josef Domjan's Woodcuts

Josef Domjan's Woodcuts

Fashion Ads of The 20th Century

Fashion Ads of The 20th Century